This app allows the syncronization for configurations and production files between two location. The configuration files are based on the code releases while the production files aree based on task dependences associated to the location user or users.

metasynk ui interface

MetaSynkManager UI

  • Download required congiguration for pipeline wirkflow and integration.
  • Keeps dependencies control with synklog entitys.
  • Uplods production files.
  • Validates file integrity after file transfer.

The app can be launched with two maion arguments: Download or Upload

A splash windowes is shown until credential validation authorizes access to the actual app.

The user interface…

The sistem uses threads to control and manage hard processes like file transfers

Configuration files are downnload first bu default, then proceed to production dependencies files.

For each published file in the task assignation related with the Location a list of downloable files are generated as synklog entitys in Shotgun.

The widget interface item is builded by the fly from the information stored in the list of published files related to the task for the location.