3DsMax Ligthing abstraction

Creates a Json file abstraction for all the lights stored in a layer if the layer naming starts with “LT-“, it takes all the attribute properties of the light node.
If the layer uses meshLight objects, create an alembic published file for the meshlights.
The hook is generated for a 3DsMax environment using vraylights and meshlights.

The scan process will validate an element if the scene is already saved, the context step is PreLighting. After validation the hooks mut obtain all layers named with a starting name “Lt-“.

The prepublish will iterate thought all items in a layer for several validation elements, then for each light, validate if a texture map set on a light is related to a published file. Manage errors for this validations.

In final stage for the publishing proceess after saving the current file and validate the context of the scene, the process must generate the actual lighting abtrsaction for the validated elements found in the “LT-” layers. Also the alembic for the meshlight found are generated and registered as secondary publish for a task

The final Json file writen with the properties of a single light must look something like this…