Batchoad Shaders

Toolkit App that loads and assign the shading materials to a Shot, environmt or asset in a 3Ds Max scene.

From the list of elements found in the scene, the app querys in shotgun the list of elements related to the scene,
this eleents list are stored as a published json file, this file holds the path to the materials, and the properties for this material assigned as well as the name for the assigned geometry.

The app configuration defined in the environment yml file:

The scan hook will get all the vrayproxy objects in the scene, then a filter for instances for the same object mst be done in place to get unique vrayproxyelements.
The reason is for otimizing the shader library just to have a single material library for several instance elements. For every unique element the hook will search for the last published material in shotgun.

Ayt the end of the scan process, a list of vrayproxy elements, a path to the material and a path to a json properti file are given, if founded, as a variable for the next process in the batch app.

For every process item the app must enabled the shader network asociated for the scanned vrayproxy item…

The process is created dinamicaly, all information are taken from the json abstraction file generated in a previous publishing proces, taking that information the vrayproxy items are generated on the fly, for each item generated a list of properties must be set as well as its material assignation to it.