CameraPolish to Stereo

Maya/Max agnostic stereo camera class to convert a conventional camera into a customized stereo camera.
Exports the stereo camera to an FBX and register the stereo camera as a shotgun entity camera entity, this setting algo sets enabled the stereo type field.

An agnostic camera rigg prebuilt FBX is used to build the stereo camera. This class holds the mecanism to create a stereo camera rig loaded with the conventional camera animation if found or just to be used as an estandarized way to keept stereo configurations.

In the Scan Hook a validation must be done fetching a camera item to publish, this validation is made only when working with a CameraPolish task.

The prePublish hook will make the conversion of the regular camera to the stereo format… but first validate for the hierarchy content of the root node holding the conventional camera.

After hierarchy validation for the camera, all properties for the stereo camera are set into the stereo camera generated, then the animation for the camera is cloned to the created stereo camera.

For the final publishing process 3 actions must be made for publications:
* The fbx file for the stereo camera generated.
* A list of properties for the camera configuration stored in a json file.
* The registration in shotgun for the new stereo camera entity.

Properties for the stereo camera are stored in the json file to enable dinamic rebuilt for the stereo camera and properties.