Shotgun Force publishedfile Synchronization

Force a PublishedFile synk transfer to a remnote Location.

This execute action for shotgun was implemented for the Secondary Studios working in the same project to force file to be downloaded to their respective server or computer asignated.
This synchronization is implemented by the MetaSynk Manager process enablig a external Location Studio fow file downloading without matter and executing the list of dependences needed for a task.

There must exist a declaration for the action in the environment configuration in order to proceed for a file force synk, if there is no declaration for the studio and the studio doesnt match any location describes in the location entity the execute action is aborted.

Each Studio have a task associated to the project defined to enabled the validation for the syncronization requirement.

After the process get all the published files to create a forced synklog, the creation of this entity items are made using shotgun batch mode.