Showcase examples!

Some examples of coding …

Hook: Photoshop Mattepainting layer publish
Publishing Photoshop Mattepainting’s layers as an EXR files into the shotgun toolkit environment.
Hook: 3DsMax Hair Ornatrix Alembic
Pubishing element for a ornatrix Hair set to be converted as a Alembic.
Hook: 3DsMax Ligthing abstraction
Creates a Json file abstraction for all the lights stored in a layer if the layer naming .
Hook: VrayProxy Abstraction To Json
Publishing all the Vrayproxy properties items in a scene for further dinamic build.
Hook: CameraPolish to Stereo
Agnostic Maya/Max stereo camera class to convert a conventional camera into a customized stereo camera.
Standalone: ReportTicket
Standalone tool to facilitate the process of creating a support ticket in shotgun.
Standalone:   RepositoriesAndDeploymentManager
Manager to enable  syncronization production files and configurations between a central location and a remote location.
Standalone:   EditorialAutocomp
Automatically compiles and build in a single video all video published files in the scenes and shots of a project.
Standalone:  FFmpegConverter

Compose a video adding a watermark or  text over video .
Standalone:   AppLauncher
Centralizes and launches a list of tools available to an authenticated user based in shotgun configuration.
Standalone:   MetaSynkManager
Synchronization tool for production files and pipeline configurations between two locations working in the same project.
Toolkit App: Batchoad Shaders
Automatic loading for the shading network applied to shotgun asset found in scene.
Shotgun Action: Force publishedfile Synchronization
Force a PublishedFile synk transfer to a remnote Location.
Shotgun Action: Status replication for entity
Shotgun execute action to replicate a production and direction status for a entity.